Aston Energy

Environmental Management Services

In the course of developing products for various societal needs, natural and environmental resources can be depleted or degenerated to extents that become injurious to the society at large. Environmental resources are therefore endangered and must be managed adequately to ensure their availability for future use.

Waste products are generated daily from various activities of E & P companies in the oil & gas industry as a matter of necessity. These wastes can however be tackled effectively with appropriate technology.

Aston Energy’s environmental management services are specially designed to assist E & P companies in eliminating the hazardous impacts of their wastes both off-shore and on-shore.
Our goal is to enable uninterrupted operations in the E & P sector and also ensure environmental protection. We are able to achieve this goal by developing waste management solutions that resolve our clients’ needs optimally.
Our environmental management services comprise of:
• On-site and off-site water and solids management
• Materials Tracking & Reporting
• Industrial Cleaning
• Liquid and hazardous material transportation.

Aston Energy goes an extra length to understand your unique needs and develops the
right solution to enhance your production capacity.